Our Story

My name is Rawan, I'm from Saint Louis, Missouri. I have always struggled to find modest clothing, especially at a moderate price. When I found anything here in the United States, it was either incomplete or too expensive to buy. I started using websites from outside the country, but there is always a risk of the items not matching the picture, being poor quality, or costing the same as items here in the US. Also, most people don’t wish to go through the hassle of international returns. Consequently, I decided to bring some Turkish brands to the US to offer modest clothing at a lower price.

My goal is to make it affordable for all women to find complete modest clothing options locally. Our clothing options will offer sets and accessories that will make it easier to dress modestly and comfortably. I invested everything I have in this business, and with your support, my goal is to start a store chain that offers affordable modest clothing so that all women can have the option to see, feel, and try on each item before buying.